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4th Healthcare Study Tour to the Netherlands

The Health Care Study Tour 2022 to the Netherlands is on!! After two years of postponing we are extremely happy to announce that the 4th Health Care Study Tour to the Netherlands is on. It will take place from Sunday evening the 25th of September until Friday afternoon the 30th of September. The week's programme is balanced with presenters on various topics and visits to facilities that display innovative care for our elderly and those with dementia. You meet leaders who believe that, as all people are unique, the elderly and those with dementia also need to be able to choose from a variety of care options that fits their lifestyle and values in order to live a life worth living. As the Netherlands has a different healthcare system compared to New Zealand, it is also important that participants understand how the care for our elderly and those with dementia is financed. Therefore, we will meet presenters that provide you with insight on this often complicated topic. People who previously participated told us that: * *“ Extremely valuable week. Programme was excellent in its variations and content. Have got so much more out of it than i’d hoped.” (Dr. Kate Scott, Geriatrician)* * *” Jan and Marian put on a great tour and are to be commended for it. They were excellent hosts and looked after us very well. I got a great deal out of it and can’t recommend it highly enough.” (David Hall, CEO Cambridge Resthaven)* For our more recent comments via linked in click here We already have a number of participants coming on the tour but there is still room for a couple more. If you are interested please inform us as soon as possible Jan at (Mob: 021-897605). There is a limit of 12 participants. For more information on the 2022 Healthcare Study Tour to the Netherlands, please visit our website and or/ view the 2020 video below to hear what others have to say about the tour. Care-Metric has taken specific care of every organisational detail so that you can devote 100% of your attention to what is offered by the programme.

Give us a call or email us when you require more information or have specific questions.

The 2022 Healthcare study Tour to the Netherlands takes place in the week of the 25-30 of September. The first meeting (introduction) is on Sunday the 25th at 19.00 hrs at the hotel. The week officially finishes on the 25th after the last visit.

We look forward to hearing from you! Jan and Marian Weststrate

Link to their newsletter: here


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