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Certification, Accreditation and Audit Process

We work with you to get the best from your organisation's assessment and evaluation. We are usually able to provide dual events (combining assessments) for accreditation and certification against industry standards.

Audit Process.png

When you register for your assessment/evaluation with us, you are allocated to one of our Client Manager who will be available throughout the process to assist and support you. The Client Manager is able to answer any queries you may have about the standards and will ensure you have all of the information you need at each stage of the process, and that planning and preparation for your event meets your requirements. 

We have a competent team of auditors with audit skills and health and disability expertise. The auditors who will carry out your assessment/evaluation will have experience in your type of service.

There are some differences in process between the various types of certification/accreditation and you can find more information on this via the buttons below.

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