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About Us

DAA Group is led by health professionals, for health professionals.

DAA Group was founded in 2003 by Cathy Cummings and Janice McEwan, recognised leaders in health assessment and evaluation, after a rigorous training and qualification process.


DAA stands for Designated Audit Agency, which is the term used by the Ministry of Health for agencies who can undertake audits, assessments and evaluations required for certification.


We offer clients audit and evaluation services necessary for Ministry of Health certification, as well as other certifications to a range of health standards, including ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and EQuIP Accreditation.

Cathy and Janice have worked with the Ministry of Health (MoH), ACC and Standards New Zealand on the development of standards in the health sector, have assisted with trial audits of standards, and continue to have representation on expert committees. Extensive industry experience gives clients the confidence that DAA Group will provide an audit you can trust.

With successful careers in the health industry, Cathy and Janice, firstly as registered nurses, and then in audit, assessment and evaluation and management. Collectively, their experience includes specialist private services, public and private hospitals – medical and surgical, aged care, mental health – including alcohol and other drugs, accident and medical clinics, home care, and disability services. 

Our team includes many of New Zealand’s most experienced health assessors and audit managers the DAA Group is regarded as a leading provider of quality, risk management assessment and evaluation services to the health and disability sector.

The company is founded on strong core values – professionalism, partnership, passion, integrity, innovation and independence. 

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