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Ongoing Auditor Training

Our auditors/assessors maintain their qualifications and experience as part of maintaining their practicing certificate as health professionals. Most of our auditors/assessors work part-time in specialist health service areas. 

The DAA Group undertakes a regular observation and appraisal processes to ensure assessment skills are maintained. All assessments are undertaken under the supervision of a trained and experienced lead assessor. Additionally we keep abreast of current assessment and evaluation best practises, as well as reviews of current quality and risk management systems.

We meet with our auditors/assessors for training as a group at least three times a year to ensure they remain up-to-date with requirements and the Ministry of Health provides additional training days. We believe support for auditor training and monitoring of competence is vital to ensure you have confidence in a robust audit. You can also be confident that your team can fully support you to develop your own in-house systems and to develop your own process for continual quality improvement.

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