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Kia Kaha

DAA Group Team

& standards

With the right people undertaking your assessment/evaluation within a systematic 
and internationally recognised framework, you 
can have confidence in the robustness of our processes. You can also be proud to achieve a 
DAA Group accreditation or certification a sought-after mark of quality, distinction and care.




The DAA Group offers three streams of certification or accreditation:


To learn more about your programme, click on the standard below:



Standards for assessment include:


flowers_one.jpg NZS 8134:2008 Health and Disability Services Standards, incorporating:
  NZS 8134.1:2008 Health and Disability Services (Core) Standards
  NZS 8134.2:2008 Health and Disability Services (Restraint Minimisation and Safe Practice) Standards
  NZS 8134.3:2008 Health and Disability Services (Infection Prevention and Control) Standards


Standards for certification include, 
but are not limited to:

flowers_one.jpg AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems requirements (non accredited)
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8158:2012 Home and Community Support Sector Standards
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8151:2004 Accident and Medical Clinics Standard
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8164:2005 Day-Stay Surgery and Procedures Standard
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8156:2008 Ambulance Service Sector Standard
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8171:2005 Allied Health Services Sector Standard
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8165:2005 Rooms/Office Based Surgery and Procedures Standard
flowers_one.jpg NZS 8134:2008 Health and Disability Services Standards (for non MoH certificated services)
flowers_one.jpg Retirement Villages Code of Practice
flowers_one.jpg The ACC Requirements for Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Services December 2018
 flowers_one.jpg Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme


Standards for accreditation include:


flowers_one.jpg EQuIP Full
flowers_one.jpg EQuIP Corporate
flowers_one.jpg EQuIP for Day Hospitals



The DAA Group will help you to make the right choice for assessment to standards that meet your organisations requirement.

If your organisation selects two or more standards, these will be managed concurrently where possible, to ensure a cost effective approach for you. 

Standards for each of the above are available from DAA Group or Standards New Zealand. Standards New Zealand produces a range of guidelines and workbooks to help identify risk, quality management improvements and safety issues. Contact Standards New Zealand on 0800 735 656, or email