Our Approach

We believe in taking a partnership approach to ensure a relevant experience that will meet your individual business needs. We pride ourselves on providing you with an assessment process you can trust. We do this by being thorough and fair. We don’t sweat the small stuff, but we do identify areas that will improve your service, strengthen your organisation and help you to manage your risks.


Professionalism Professional service provided by exceptional and credible auditors who are open and friendly

Partnership We work together with you in a collegial, mutual learning and respectful way to achieve a quality outcome

Passion Share our passion for quality and improvement

Integrity Thorough and comprehensive with fair, open, non-judging and honest communication

Innovation Flexible and constructive audit approach, thinking outside of the square to share best practice

Independence We are a company that is supportive, transparent and enables you to thrive.

The DAA Group has twenty years’ experience in quality and risk management services in the health and disability sector. We understand that each organisation is different, which is why we believe in taking a customised approach, tailoring our services around the specific needs of each client. This means matching the skills of our assessors with the needs of your service, and individually developing the assessment programme together with you.

All DAA Group assessors are health professionals who have been fully trained and qualified as healthcare assessors, and are coached by us to work in partnership with our clients. Feedback tells us our assessors work with clients in a professional yet friendly and supportive manner throughout the entire assessment process. Wherever possible, they’ll encourage your organisation towards a process of continuous quality improvement.

We have extensive and comprehensive experience
in health and disability services, including:

flowers_one.jpg Accident and urgent care
flowers_one.jpg Allied Health Services, including physiotherapy and podiatry
flowers_one.jpg Ambulance services
flowers_one.jpg Community mental health services, including alcohol and other drugs
flowers_one.jpg Day Stay and room-based surgical services
flowers_one.jpg EQuIP accreditation, including hospice services:
  Day Hospitals
flowers_one.jpg Home and Community
flowers_one.jpg ISO standards
flowers_one.jpg Maori Health providers
flowers_one.jpg Ministry of Health certification:
  Hospital services – medical, surgical, mental health, geriatric,
child health, women’s health, maternity, hospice
  Age-related residential services – rest home, hospital, and dementia care

Residential disability services – physical, intellectual, psychiatric, sensory

flowers_one.jpg Retirement villages
flowers_one.jpg Dementia Friendly Recognition Programme
flowers_one.jpg The ACC Requirements for Physiotherapy and Hand Therapy Services December 2018