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Applicable Standards

Applicable Standard(s):

Required: Retirement Village Code of Practice

General Process:

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Frequently asked questions


What information does DAA Group require to organize the certification audit?

We require the name and location of the retirement village, the contact details of the Village Manager and date/s the audit is preferred to occur. If you have registered with the Retirement Village Association they will have discussed when they require you to complete the audit by.

What is the cost of certification?

If you are a stand-alone Retirement Village without an aged-care facility, you do not receive a formal proposal (as per other sectors. Rather we simply charge a flat fee of $1,350+GST for the event and disbursements.

How many auditors will visit and are they based locally?

The certification audit only requires one auditor. We have experienced auditors based in many locations. We try to get the closest available auditor to attend.

How long does an RV certification audit take?

Retirement Village audits take up to 4 hours on site to complete. If there are multiple sites included in the one certificate which need to be visited additional time will need to be added to the audit.

What documentation to require access to, pre-audit?

We will send you an email request for the documents we require pre-audit. These are usually various policy and procedure documents. These are sent to the auditor who will be attending the audit to review pre-audit and comments on the documentation will be included in the Retirement Village audit report.

What happens if the criteria are not fully attained?

If any of the criterion are partially or unattained, our client management team at DAA Group will assist you to reach full attainment before we will submit the report to the Retirement Villages Assocation.


Who is the certifiying body?

The Retirement Villages Association is the certifying body. They will only accept reports and certify organisations who fully attain all the criteria.

How long is the certification period?

For this certification there is a three year certification period. The certificate is issued by the Retirement Village association who will send this directly to you once they receive the final audit report from us and have reviewed your audit report.

What is the difference between formal vs informal complaints?

Please refer to page 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, and diagram on page 33 of the code. Also you can refer to the CFFC (Commission for FInancial Capability) - regarding complaints and disputes:

Where can I find a copy of the Code of Practice 2008 document?

The Retirement Villages Code of Practice 2008 (& Variations of April 2017) is what you will be audited against. To gain a copy of the code you can download from here:

How soon are we required to complete an audit after registering with the RV Association?

When registering with the Retirement Villages Association, please let them know at what stage your development is, when you expect your first resident to arrive and liaise with them regarding the date the audit is required and come to us for the audit to occur.

What if we are co-located with an aged-care facility?

Co-located RVs with an aged-care facility will have the village portion of the certification included in a usual DAA Group proposal - please view the information under the 'Aged-Care sector' for further information.


Is there surveillance audits for this certification?

There are no surveillance audits required for the Retirement Villages Association certification as some sectors/standards require.