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How to talk with someone with dementia

Presenter: Diane Waugh, BSN, RN, CDP

Essential tips for communicating for someone with dementia. Diane Waugh shares her own experiences and the mistakes she made as a caregiver for her mother. This is an intimate conversation with actual caregivers who are struggling and needing help in caring for their loved ones with dementia. Diane shares effective ways to avoid the 'traps' that caregivers often fall into when trying to communicate with their loved one. She believes that engaging with all the senses can make you a more effective communicator and gives you ideas and ways to do so. Diane also believes you must learn how to enter into your loved ones world and not expect them to conform to your world as you once knew it. These tips provide ways to communicate more effectively and reduce stress for all. This presentation will prepare and equip you in handling the difficulties and frustrations and give you new ways to talk to someone with dementia.


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