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Change in organisation structure

Our big news this month is that Janice McEwan, Co Director, has resigned from the DAA Group to enjoy new adventures from 1 September.

Here is a special message from Janice:

Hello all from Janice

I have made a decision to create a new chapter in my life that will take me into my older age, and set me up for the next 20 years. Cathy has enabled this decision by taking over the business in full. This has been a very big decision for me, as you will know the DAA Group is equivalent to my baby. However,

now is time for change. The company is in a great place and over the last couple of years I have been moving further away from being an essential cog to being a support. I will complete the National Screening Unit work and undertake a little contract work for a period, as well as continue to run the Q Plus training courses this year.

I plan to study art and design over the next year or two. Who knows where that journey will take me? I’m excited about that.

I will miss the work and all of you wonderful people. Cathy and the team will keep me posted from time to time, and as needed, I will provide an ear and support if needed.

Thank you for your commitment to the DAA Group over the years. I am very proud to leave a company that I have founded and developed with Cathy.

Cathy will remain in her current role as Director/Specialist Advisor, and Robyn Byers will remain as General Manager.


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