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Applicable Standards

Applicable Standard(s):

Required: For providers with more than 2 hospital level and 3 rest home level beds, regulation requires Certification to the Health and Disability Services Standard NZS8134. The MoH award the Certification and make decisions about the length of Certification including surveillance requirements. 

Choice: Additionally, to stretch your organisation and focus on improvement, the EQuiP Accreditation can be useful. The period of Accreditation would align with the MoH Certification timeframes. 
Note: these can be completed together as a dual event. 

General Process:

To view the general audit process please click here

To view the EQuiP accreditation process please click here

Frequently asked questions

How can I send my files?

· Filemail is good way to upload and send big files. But there are other good options such as: · · Dropbox · Google Drive · Wetransfer · One Drive · Myairbridge · Pcloud

What guarantees can you provide?

· We guarantee you will like the final result because we work with you from ideas to final result together in step by step feedback system. · Project will be done in deadline. · We store our setups for 2 next years.
· We can always sign an NDA agreement if you don't want us to use any materials in the internet.

What services can I use to pay for your work?

There are a lot of different ways how to send us payment: · Bank Transfer (USD, Euro, TL) · PayPal · Payoneer We can even accept Crypto ( BTC, ETH )

Is it possible to make a test example of an effect, video?

· Sure! We can do the test. · It will not be for free, but you can choose any shot from your video, even the smallest one (2-5 seconds), and we will make a test render.

In what format should I send source materials for work?

· Send us the files in the best quality that you can upload.
· The most common format for industry is Quicktime Prores (422,4444, LT, HQ).
· You can send shots separately in Prores 4444.