Aged Care

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Applicable Standards

Applicable Standard(s):

Required: For providers with more than 2 hospital level and 3 rest home level beds, regulation requires Certification to the Health and Disability Services Standard NZS8134. The MoH award the Certification and make decisions about the length of Certification including surveillance requirements. 

Choice: Additionally, to stretch your organisation and focus on improvement, the EQuiP Accreditation can be useful. The period of Accreditation would align with the MoH Certification timeframes. 
Note: these can be completed together as a dual event. 

General Process:

To view the general audit process please click here

To view the EQuiP accreditation process please click here

Frequently asked questions


How much does an audit cost?

That depends on a number of things, the most important being how big and complex your service is. Our costs are always based on how many auditors are required and how long they need to be onsite for. We want the process to be of value to you, so it is important not to rush the audit - that way we can be sure we have all the information we need, and you finish the audit feeling satisfied and like you have learnt some new things. Bearing in mind our auditors have heaps of experience they can bring to any audit having seen it done a hundred different ways in other facilities.



Who will come to our audit?

When we are arranging any audit there are many things we take into consideration. First and foremost is having auditors who understand and are credible in the aged care sector. Each audit will have one health manager and at least one clinical auditor (a registered nurse with current aged care experience and a current annual practicing certificate.) Secondly, we also try as much as we can to use local auditors in order to keep disbursement costs down. This is not always possible but we do our best, and are always mindful of not incurring more costs than those that are necessary.

Are all our staff involved in the audit?

We are very aware that this is your process, and we are always mindful of being a guest in your service. Having said that, there are many rules (rightly) set by the Ministry of Health about how audits must be conducted and so we must follow these rules to meet your needs and ours. An important part of the audit is talking to people, and this includes staff. We generally talk with staff in groups, that way it's less scary for them, but sometimes we need to talk with people individually. We assure you this is always done sensitively and with respect. It works best when we can talk with staff who undertake the work.