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Kia Kaha

DAA Group Team


We work with you to help your organisation get the best from your 
assessment and evaluation. We are able to provide dual events for 
accreditation and certification against industry standards.

Certification-Standards-Working with you

When you register for your assessment/evaluation with us, you are allocated to a Client Manager who will be available throughout the process to assist and support you. The Client Manager is a qualified assessor and is able to answer any queries you may have about the standards. They will ensure you have all of the information you need at each stage of the process, and that planning and preparation for your event meets your requirements.




For more information 
on the process to 
DAA Group Accreditation
and Certification, please click here


For more information 
on the audit process to MoH Health and Disability Services Standards Certification, please click here




Document review/self assessment Stage one

A documentation review is the first stage of a full certification/accreditation event and is compulsory as part of the process. Some standards require a document review where others require a self assessment and document review to be completed. Your Client Manager will guide you to the requirements for your organisation.

Your organisation will send copies of its policies and procedures and/or completed self-assessment documents for a DAA Group assessor to review against the standard. Your organisation is then supplied with a written report detailing any areas that require improvement or further action before the full certification/accreditation event takes place. This will assist you to prepare for your on-site event.

On-site certification/accreditation event Stage two

Stage two of the certification/accreditation process is carried out on-site. Leading up to the on-site event, your DAA Group Client Manager is available for guidance and advice. The Client Manager will communicate with you about the assessors who are undertaking the event, and the event itinerary.

The event will occur with open communication throughout, including acknowledgement of positive findings, areas that are strengths for your organisation and findings that require improvement. At the close of the event, the findings that require improvement will be presented to you in the form of Corrective Action Requests.




Corrective action and follow up

It is normal during the assessment process that findings requiring some follow up work are identified these can be seen as your opportunities for improvement. They will be raised as corrective action requests and are presented to you at the end of your event.

Corrective action requests are followed up off-site, within specific timeframes relevant to the risk. Your client manager will guide you through this follow up process and requirements.

Ongoing surveillance or periodic review (PR)

Once a client has attained the necessary certification/accreditation, ongoing surveillance/periodic review events are carried out to ensure continued implementation of standards. These are usually smaller events, at 12, 18 or 24-month intervals, as determined by the certification/accreditation standard.



Ministry of Health certification: For Clients who require Ministry of Health certification, the Ministry of Health will decide the certification period and any required monitoring.