The DAA Group provides professional assessment services in partnership with our clients.


To provide a seamless and consistent service, each client is assigned a Client Manager when they first begin working with the DAA Group. Your Client Manager will then work with you to plan your audit activity. We also strive to have a consistent assessment team within the limits of the Ministry of Health and external accreditation requirement (to have a 50% change in the assessment team each certification event).

Planning and Preparation

Planning will generally start about four to five months out from the planned time of your event. Your Client Manager will contact you to complete a current profile. This will ensure that we plan appropriately for the event, taking into account services, size, locations, staffing and any specific needs you have. As part of this planning, we will also include any cultural considerations you may have.

You will next be contacted to provide us with copies of relevant policies and procedures. For most of our audits, the DAA Group undertakes a separate document review (stage one audit) prior to the on-site event (stage two audit). This helps us to plan and prepare for your event, but additionally gives you a written report that assists you to complete any documentation gaps prior to the audit. This is completed about one month prior to the on-site visit.

The audit or survey plan itinerary is developed to arrange what happens, when on-site, and sent to you approximately one month prior to the on-site event. Where this is more complex, a draft will be sent to you to ensure that any issues can be addressed prior to the on-site visit.





On-site audit or survey

It is important that your staff are available at the times indicated on the audit or survey plan. Our team will need your team to guide them, answer questions, and find the records and information they need to show you how to meet the standards. It is also very valuable to use the event as a training and learning tool, to prompt those professional discussions about practice and standards.

We work in an open and honest way with you throughout the event. Our aim is to have no surprises at the closing meeting. Following the on-site audit or survey, we will present you with the draft findings in writing, so you are able to work on corrective action.







Corrective action and follow up

There are times when gaps in your internal processes could result in required improvements. Your audit will also include a detailed report outlining those gaps, together with a process to follow for any corrective action that might be necessary for you to meet the required standard. 

Awarding Certification or Accreditation

The decision to award certification is made by a panel of senior people within the DAA Group who review all parts of the assessment or evaluation process and compare the results with the standards for certification or accreditation. 

We are always aware that there is a large amount of work that goes in to preparing for certification or accreditation. At the completion of the process, a letter of congratulations with a framed certificate is provided to acknowledge this achievement. As well as the certificate, certification or accreditation badges are provided for display and so you can be recognised for your achievement.





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