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EQuIP (Evaluation and Quality Improvement Programme) is an accreditation programme that addresses the essential elements of quality care across the organisational functions integral in supporting the provision of care.

The programme – aimed at health care organisations in Australia and New Zealand – provides appropriate management tools, including industry approved standards and self-assessment processes, to identify opportunities for improvement and assistance.

Your organisation has the assurance that its services conform to industry standards and confidence in being customer focused. For example:

 Trust in staff accountability to respond appropriately to the people receiving care
 Confidence that clients remain informed and involved in planning their health care
 Certainty that staff are empowered to improve the delivery of service and care with a focus on safety first, and then quality improvement
 Reassurance that staff are equipped with a rigorous approach to continuing improvement
 Capability to minimise and manage risks, and provide evidence of quality outcomes

EQuIP accreditation provides your organisation with the competencies to excel and lead in service delivery across the health sector. It encourages your organisation to stretch through data evaluation and analysis, projects to improve outcomes, and – finally – the standard encourages your organisation to be a leader in your field.



EQuIP standards

The standards are separated into ‘functions’.

Function 1 – The Clinical Function sets out the standards that are mostly associated with clinical care, including continuity of care, access, appropriateness, effectiveness, safety, and consumer focus.

Function 2 – The Support Function contains those standards and criteria, which all providers should work together to achieve, including quality improvement and risk management, human resources management, information management, population health, and research.

Function 3 – The Corporate Function identifies those standards and criteria for which the governing body and senior executives of the organisation are responsible, including leadership and management, and safe practice and environment.





EQuIP programme cycle

EQuIP member organisations are guided by the DAA Group through the EQuIP programme cycle, comprising self-assessments, organisation-wide survey (OWS), and a periodic review. 

Organisations need to assess their achievements and outcomes regularly to improve performance. Using a self-assessment tool, organisations can continually update and review their performance against the EQuIP standards.


During an EQUIP cycle, an organisation using the self assessment tool will complete a pre-survey assessment prior to each survey. For the OWS, the pre-survey assessment will address all of the criteria. For the Periodic Review, the pre-survey assessment will address the mandatory criteria.

Benefits of EQuIP membership

For people receiving your care, 
EQuIP provides:

 Assurance that your service conforms to industry standards
 Comfort in the knowledge that your staff are accountable for their care
 Trust in staff ability to respond appropriately to their needs
 Security in the knowledge that systems are in place to identify, and resolve or minimise problems
 Confidence that clients remain informed and involved in planning for their health care


EQuIP means the people working in your organisation are:

 Empowered to improve the delivery of service and care
 Assisted by defined steps leading you to meet the standard
 Encouraged to focus on safety and then quality improvement with examples provided to support you
 Supported by surveyors who also look at the next steps, making recommendations to guide you
 Provided with benchmarks for quality
 Equipped with a rigorous approach to continuing improvement
 Provided a comprehensive report for your organisation’s continuous improvement
 Provided recommendations to guide the stretch to the next steps for your organisation









For people who fund your service, 
EQuIP provides:

 Assurance that your organisation operates according to industry standards
 Confidence that your organisation is customer focused
 Evidence of quality outcomes
 Confidence in the way your organisation minimises and manages risk
 Better value for the money spent on health


Australian Council on 
Healthcare Standards (ACHS) offers:

Clinical Indicator Programme

 A health data repository, providing an analysis and reporting service on the processes and outcomes of health care for your organisation
 Reporting on 359 clinical indicators
 Providing a clinical perspective on national and regional clinical outcomes
 Allows your organisation to rate your performance against your peers and identify areas for improvement







Dual Events

We have surveyors competent to undertake dual events to meet accreditation and certification against industry standards.
The added benefits to your organisation are:

 Minimising multiple events in any one period to meet industry standard requirements
 Financial efficiencies in your organisational performance investment
 Supports your decisions to review and evaluate OWS processes to affect changes in practice and outcomes
 Provides an external review of quality improvement systems
 Increases your opportunities for continuous improvements to stretch to the next steps of excellent and outstanding achievement