About Us

The DAA Group is led by health professionals, for health professionals.

The DAA Group was founded by recognised leaders in health assessment and evaluation, Cathy Cummings and Janice McEwan. DAA stands for Designated Audit Agency.

Following a rigorous training and qualification process in the early 1990s, the DAA Group became one of the first fully qualified assessment and evaluation agencies to offer clients both Ministry of Health certification as well as other certification to a range of health standards, including ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems and EQuIP Accreditation.

Cathy and Janice have worked with the Ministry of Health (MoH), ACC and Standards New Zealand on the development of various standards in the health sector. They continue to have representation on expert committees, have assisted with trial audits of various standards and have provided training for a number of providers on these new requirements. Extensive industry experience gives clients the confidence that DAA Group assessment reports will accurately reflect the quality of service they provide. 




Both Cathy and Janice have enjoyed long and successful careers in the health industry, firstly as registered nurses, and then in audit, assessment and evaluation and management. Over the last two decades, they have each owned and operated successful businesses. Collectively, experience includes specialist private services, public and private hospitals – medical and surgical, aged care, mental health – including alcohol and other drugs, accident and medical clinics, home care, and disability services. 

This background, together with a team of some of New Zealand’s most experienced health assessors and audit managers means the DAA Group is regarded as one of the leading providers of quality and risk management assessment and evaluation services to the health and disability sector.

The company was founded on strong values – honesty, integrity, partnership, professionalism, passion, value and innovation – that continue to form the cornerstone of the organisation today.

Our Team

At the heart of our organisation are our people. We have two offices in New Zealand,
one in Wellington and one in Christchurch.

Office Team

We have a group of skilled staff to work with you and manage the services. Each client has an allocated Client Manager. All of our Auditor Client Managers have a background in the health industry, with a thorough understanding of the management and staffing issues our clients face on a daily basis.


All DAA Group assessors are fully trained and qualified healthcare assessors – many with extensive clinical and management systems experience of their own and with a reputation for being amongst the best in their field.

Each assessor operates under the direction and guidance of a Client Manager and the Directors.

We are proud to have such an exceptional team of people.










International standards of assessment and evaluation

To provide our clients with a robust assessment and evaluation process, our own infrastructure has been developed and maintained since 1993 to meet the best practice ISO 19011 requirements for the assessment and evaluation of quality systems. This is the international standard required for assessors and ensures our systems are amongst the highest available worldwide. 

All of our assessors have been trained against NZQA Unit Standard 8086. To maintain these standards, we have achieved accreditation by ISQua, and are audited on a regular basis to ensure our systems remain in place.

Ongoing auditor training

Our assessors maintain their qualifications and experience as part of maintaining their practicing certificate as health professionals. Most of our assessors work part time in specialist health service areas. 

The DAA Group undertakes a regular observation and appraisal processes to ensure assessment skills are maintained. All assessments are undertaken under the supervision of a trained and experienced lead assessor. Additionally we keep abreast of current assessment and evaluation best practises, as well as reviews of current quality and risk management systems.

We meet with our assessors for training as a group at least three times a year to ensure they remain up-to-date with requirements and the Ministry of Health provides additional training days. We believe support for auditor training and monitoring of competence is vital to ensure you have confidence in a robust audit. You can also be confident that your team can fully support you to develop your own in-house systems and to develop your own process for continual quality improvement.











Client confidentiality

The DAA Group has a policy on confidentiality that requires all people involved in assessments and evaluations to maintain confidentiality of information gained as part of the process. In addition, all assessors and other staff sign a confidentiality agreement, which is held on file. This is monitored as part of our internal quality management system.

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